The music

To get Baroque and Hungry’s recordings, you could:

  • Buy our CDs at one of our shows. That gets you the music, a nice package, and a thank-you from the band.
  • Mail order may be old-fashioned, but it’s easy and fun. Send us a message with what you want and we’ll mail them out to you. Paypal accepted, and postage depends on where you are and how fast you want them.
  • Newfangled internet folk can download the music from our Bandcamp site. This is probably the quickest option!

Delving back into ancient history, the band also has classical and folk music available for your enjoyment. Please feel free to download these to your Victrola, share them with friends, and, above all else, enjoy them.

“Mended” by Baroque & Hungry

While you’re there, you can also get Matt’s excellent solo album, “No Frills Folk”.