The war on Christmas music


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Stolen from Matt’s Facebook wall:

Are you sick of hearing Christmas music already? Do you need to move on from songs about the holidays to topics that are more relevant to daily life, like drinking, lost love, drinking, war and drinking? Do you want to help some poor starving-artist types buy nice Christmas presents for their kids? Do you want me to shut up already? Then why not get yourself a download of some Baroque & Hungry or Matt DeBlass albums?

Cheaper than a giant Mocha at the mall and tastier than a regifted fruitcake!

Click on the albums and send us money, so we can buy Christmas presents and booze:


Irish and Celtic Music Podcast #132



Our studio version of the medley “Hills of Connemara/I’ll Tell Me Ma” has been featured on the Irish & Celtic Music podcast. Here’s the link to podcast #132. Thanks again, Stephen.

You’ll also want to listen to “A Man’s A Man For A’ That” by The Duplets. It’s a great, haunting version.

New York Ren Faire


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Not quite band news, but close:

Matt, Neil, and Roger will be playing as members of [The Trouveres]( at the New York Renaissance Faire on September 22/23 (Saturday and Sunday) in Tuxedo Park, NY. From their site:

A Renaissance Faire is a recreation of a Renaissance or Medieval village. They are filled with costumed actors, crafts and games to give patrons the illusion that they have stepped back in time. The New York Renaissance Faire features over 125 performance on 20 stages and over 100 craftspeople set on 65 acres of beautiful Sterling Forest.

The New York Renaissance Faire has over 75 costumed actors, over 20 independent specialty acts and over 100 craftspeople. The buildings of our village are permanently built and the grounds are only used for the Faire.

For more about the NYRF, check out their FAQ.

This faire is much larger than the NJ Faire we played at a few weeks ago. The NYRF is not only kid-friendly but, according to their site, kid-accessible (i.e., more ramps for strollers). They also do costume rentals (although costumes are by no means required).

The two bands–Baroque & Hungry and The Trouveres–have some commonalities, although The Trouveres has more of a lush, folksy feel to it. B&H fans, we’d love to see you in the audience!

Matt plays live in Bridgewater, DWJ Album

Matt’s playing at the Somerset County 4-H fair tonight (Wed 8 Aug). His set is at 9pm. Free admission.

In other news, “Not What I Meant”, David W. Jacobsen’s latest album–with some songs featuring percussion by members of Baroque & Hungry–is now available on CD Baby and on the iTunes store. Go have a listen, and please buy if you like what you hear. He’s put the lyrics up on his own site. I think this is his strongest album yet.

New Brunswick in August

We’re playing in New Brunswick in a few weeks, in a city park at the corner of George Street and Route 27. I’m told we’ll have a longer set than usual, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to reprise that we haven’t played in a while.

Friday 3 August 2012, 12 noon – Summer Afternoons Music Series – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Come have lunch in the park while we play!

Edit: Facebook event

In other news, the Trouveres’ rehearsals are coming along nicely, and the group has a fiddle player now. More on the group’s website.

Breaking up


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We’re breaking up this weekend… but just for the weekend! Matt will be headed up to New Hampshire to perform at Steampunk Industrial Revolution, while Neil and Roger will be performing as members of The Trouveres at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, all on the weekend of June 8-10. (Matt will be joining them in The Trouveres, but this weekend in New Hampshire is a previous commitment of his.)

The Trouveres showtimes at NJ Renaissance Faire: Saturday and Sunday, noon and 3pm. (That’s two shows at the same time on both days.) There’s a threat of thunderstorms this weekend. The noon one will be an unplugged set on a covered stage, so it’s on whether it’s raining or not. The 3pm sets are in an open-air amphitheater, so are subject to the whims of Ye Olde Weather.

(Will update this if Matt gets showtimes for New Hampshire, but check our Facebook Page for more information. Blogging from the road is a pain in ye olde arse.)

But fear not, Baroque & Hungry is still going strong. We have some shows in the works, some of which may even be accessible to the public. More information about shows will be forthcoming very soon.

Steampunk World’s Fair

Our next gig will be the Steampunk World’s Fair on May 19 and 20, in Piscataway, New Jersey. When we have set times and stage names, we’ll post it here.

Edit for updated times:

  • Saturday 19 May 2012, 12:45pm
  • Sunday 20 May 2012, 3:45pm

Not much to report in the way of band activity; Baroque & Hungry’s been on a bit of a hiatus. Matt had a solo gig in New Hope, Neil’s been working on demos for his first solo album (long overdue), and Roger’s been working on some music of his own with the duo aranjazza. (We’ll post more information on those projects here when they’re ready.)