How to book us

To book us for a concert, a party, or other event, call us at (732) 334-8704; please leave a message if someone doesn’t pick up. You can also email us if you’re one of those younger internet kids. We’d love to talk to you and your money.

We’re a duo, and we’ll need a moderate amount of space to perform–but not nearly as much as a full band with a drum kit. We can perform amplified or unamplified. Please let us know if you’re providing a PA and a sound engineer.

We perform a mix of celtic songs, rock music, classical, and jazz. Set lists can be tailored to individual events, to fit in with the atmosphere you want–anything from gentle renaissance-themed music to driving rock music to rousing celtic bar songs.


Baroque & Hungry can be booked as an acoustic duo or an amplified act, depending on the needs of the client and the venue.

We are also available to perform as individual musicians for smaller events, such as receptions and book signings. Available instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Steel harp
  • Mandolin
  • Percussion
  • Piano

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