About the musicians

Matt DeBlass, lead vocalist and mandolinist. Matt is very tall. Starting as a percussionist, he’s built many of his own instruments–including his mandolin–and also plays the wire harp and pennywhistle. He’s an award-winning journalist and a professional bicycle mechanic. He writes Broke Bicyclist, a site about “getting from Point A to Point B as cheaply”.

Neil Fein, guitarist and vocalist. Neil has been playing guitar for almost thirty years. He favors a Seagull parlor-sized guitar for fiddly, intricate work and a Cort MR-750 for rhythm parts. He’s played in several bands over the years. He works as a freelance editor, and also writes and edits for Magnificent Nose. Neil likes to paint and read and cook, and rides his bicycle as often as he can.

Roger Noguerol, drums & percussion and background vocals. Roger is a producer and a musician, and has played on a wide spectrum of music. He’s been a singer and percussionist in bands like Aranjazza, Tirant lo Funk, Apache5, La Tremenda, Mount Zion, Arangu, Batumbatà, Omelé. His website is here.