Live audio requirements

Sound guys are awesome. They make us sound good and help us hear each other on stage. For them, we have a stage plot and input list.

While we can play without any amplification at all, we sound a lot better with amplification. Here’s the setup that’d be optimal for us. We’re not all that picky, since our sound is pretty simple; this is our ideal setup.

The TL;DR – Acoustic trio, mandolin/lead vocals, acoustic guitar/backing vocals, percussion/backing vocals.



  • Matt fronts the band, and he’s the lead singer. He’ll need a vocal mic, and boom stands are great.
  • His F-style mandolin has an outboard preamp can be plugged in like an acoustic guitar.


  • Neil plugs in Kate, an acoustic a dreadnought with internal pickup and preamp, and can plug into any direct box. In a pinch, micing the guitar will work too.
  • Neil sings backing vocals, and would like a mic with a boom stand if possible.


  • Roger plays the cajon and a variety of congas and cymbals. However, minimum would be a mic on the cajon and one on the other percussion; two or three would be even better.
  • Roger sings backing vocals, and would like a mic with a boom stand.

At the moment, we don’t use any effects or looping, so a little echo and a good monitor mix are about all we’ll need. It’d be nice if we could record the show from the board; we have a small recorder for that.


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