In the beginning of September, I packed up my life and moved from New Jersey to Madison, Wisconsin to be with the love of my life. As these stories sometimes go, things didn’t work out the way I thought, and I found myself on my own, broke and a long way from where I came from. My first instinct was to drown my sorrows in cheap Scotch and then head back East, but I decided I like this town, I’ve found a job and made some friends, maybe I can build a new life here on my own, but it’s a bit difficult.

That’s where this album comes in. I blew all my savings moving here, and have been at work less than a month. I need to raise a bit of money to help move into a new place and buy things like dishes and towels and all the things that I don’t have on my own (not to mention groceries), until I’ve got a paycheck or two under my belt. I’ve got some amazing friends who’ve been willing to help, but I would rather offer something in return.

So I decided to drown in a different kind of “Scotch.” I had a few of these songs kicking around in my head for a while, but haven’t done a lot to arrange or polish them yet. So I sat down one Sunday afternoon with my little digital recorder and worked them out. The whole thing is very much an almost-live, quickly done, and very rough bunch of music, but like those bottom-shelf whiskies, I hope this album will give your spirits a bit of a lift without offending your palate too badly. And someday when things are calmer, I intend to revisit these songs, and maybe add a few new ones, to produce something worthy of a better label.

I’m offering this as a “pay-what-you-want” album. You can have it for free, or you can toss in whatever amount you think it’s worth. A few dollars will go to the most excellent Neil Fein for his assistance in getting this ready and up online, as well adding a few additional flourishes to the mix, the rest will go to my moving fund and help me buy a futon and some Ramen.

Thank you all, and enjoy!