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Not quite band news, but close:

Matt, Neil, and Roger will be playing as members of [The Trouveres](http://thetrouveres.com/) at the New York Renaissance Faire on September 22/23 (Saturday and Sunday) in Tuxedo Park, NY. From their site:

A Renaissance Faire is a recreation of a Renaissance or Medieval village. They are filled with costumed actors, crafts and games to give patrons the illusion that they have stepped back in time. The New York Renaissance Faire features over 125 performance on 20 stages and over 100 craftspeople set on 65 acres of beautiful Sterling Forest.

The New York Renaissance Faire has over 75 costumed actors, over 20 independent specialty acts and over 100 craftspeople. The buildings of our village are permanently built and the grounds are only used for the Faire.

For more about the NYRF, check out their FAQ.

This faire is much larger than the NJ Faire we played at a few weeks ago. The NYRF is not only kid-friendly but, according to their site, kid-accessible (i.e., more ramps for strollers). They also do costume rentals (although costumes are by no means required).

The two bands–Baroque & Hungry and The Trouveres–have some commonalities, although The Trouveres has more of a lush, folksy feel to it. B&H fans, we’d love to see you in the audience!