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We’re breaking up this weekend… but just for the weekend! Matt will be headed up to New Hampshire to perform at Steampunk Industrial Revolution, while Neil and Roger will be performing as members of The Trouveres at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, all on the weekend of June 8-10. (Matt will be joining them in The Trouveres, but this weekend in New Hampshire is a previous commitment of his.)

The Trouveres showtimes at NJ Renaissance Faire: Saturday and Sunday, noon and 3pm. (That’s two shows at the same time on both days.) There’s a threat of thunderstorms this weekend. The noon one will be an unplugged set on a covered stage, so it’s on whether it’s raining or not. The 3pm sets are in an open-air amphitheater, so are subject to the whims of Ye Olde Weather.

(Will update this if Matt gets showtimes for New Hampshire, but check our Facebook Page for more information. Blogging from the road is a pain in ye olde arse.)

But fear not, Baroque & Hungry is still going strong. We have some shows in the works, some of which may even be accessible to the public. More information about shows will be forthcoming very soon.