There’s only so much we can get done in a session, since each one is maybe two or three hours long. Nevertheless, we’re coming into the home stretch: We’ll be done with recording for the demo in two or three more sessions.

Those of you who do some recording and are interested in gear, click on these pictures for more information about the gear.

Sound Desk

Left: Matt during sound check Right: Roger monitoring the tracking

Once this is mixed, we’ll shop it around to bars, restaurants… wherever we can think of that might be willing to pay for live music.

Guitar Drums

Left: Neil recording guitar tracks. Right: Matt’s drum kit

In other news, we’re still waiting to what time and day we’re on stage at Wicked Faire. When we have a date and a time, we’ll post it here. (Update: Am now posting the times on the performances page.)

And finally, frequent guest and amazing performer Painless Parker has a gig in New York City this Thursday, 2/2/2012. (There’s a modest cover charge, $5 if you order tickets online.)

Event: Steampunk Stylin'
Painless in Brooklyn last year. Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography.

Here’s the Facebook event. He puts on a great show; go see him!