What have we been doing? Rehearsing, recording, and in general recovering from those three weeks we took off while Roger was in Europe.


Left: Setting up microphones. Right: Assorted percussion

We were using “Live at Mannion’s” as a demo, but with Roger on board, the band now sounds a little bit different. So, with our landlord’s blessing, we swept out the attic of Neil and Roger’s house and we’ve been recording our second demo there.


Left: Sunlight in the attic. Right: Tape marking the position of Roger’s cajon. 

We’ve also been rehearsing for our gig next week, and have added a few new songs to the set.

Neil ordered a new pickup for Kate to fix that godawful hum that showed up on the last Way Station gig. (Kate’s the shiny strummin’ guitar, not the petite, loud guitar. Neil wrote all about his children guitars here on his Tumblr.)


Left: Neil playing Kate in 2007.
Right: The source of the terrible, terrible noise,
Kate’s undersaddle pickup.