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Have you wanted to see Baroque & Hungry play, but haven’t been able to get to see us? Here’s your chance to have us come to you. Buy our albums this year, and you could have us play a concert in your home or hovel.

How it works:

Buying a CD or an online download by December 31 2011 will make you eligible for this. Either Live at Mannion’s or Matt’s solo disc No Frills Folk will do. This will enter you in a random drawing to win… us!

(Sneaky musicians that we are, this is really just a scheme to sell more CDs, so Matt’s daughter can get a new bike for the holidays. But don’t tell anyone!)

Here are complete songs from these albums to convince you that the discs are worth your time:



How we’ll figure out the winner:

We’ll need your name and a way to contact you. If you buy a download from Bandcamp, we have your email address already. If you bought a CD at a show, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list. (Perhaps you could buy a CD at our upcoming show in Brooklyn?)

Once we have all the names, we’ll them all on pieces of paper, close our eyes, and pick them out of Matt’s mandolin case. Then we’ll come to you and play an evening of music for you and as many of your friends as you can fit into your house/apartment/cardboard box.


Offer limited to locations within three hours’ travel from central New Jersey. (i.e., no flying or expensive car trips, unless you want to pay for that. We are poverty-stricken musicians, after all.) We may stretch this a bit at our discretion.

Must have bought the album in calendar year 2011.

Offer void where null. Relatives and spouses and employees of Baroque & Hungry must wear a disguise to be eligible for this contest.

Edit: This contest, along with the year of twenty-eleven, is now over and done. Thanks to everyone who bought our stuff, and we’ll be announcing the winner very soon we have announced the winner here.