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We’re very happy with our first performance as a trio—with percussionist Roger Noguerol. The band sounds like, well, a band now. In my opinion, anyway) the highlights of the set included “Black is the Color”, “Downtown Train”, “Roll Me Down to Maui”, and we stretched “Hills of Connemara/I’ll Tell Me Ma”—always a crowd-pleaser—out a lot longer than usual when half the audience was dancing to it. (When I yelled, “again!” at the end of the chorus, I think Matt took that to mean we should sing the entire song again.)

Here we are on stage:

Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography, you should go buy her stuff.

As you can see, Anachronism 4 was a full-blown concert, with a stage and a sound guy and lighting and everything. Most importantly, the audience loved us and we had a great time. The event organizers have managed to attract a great crowd, and we hope to return to future Anachronisms.

So what’s next?

For our next two performances, we’ll be returning to the Way Station in Brooklyn. It’ll be a bit of a challenge to fit three performers on their smaller stage, but we’ll manage.

On Monday, December 19th, we’ll be leading an open jam session. If you can play an instrument, bring it along jam with us. Most of our stuff is pretty straightforward, so it’s easy to follow along. Two people have already said they’re interested in coming along (one cellist and one mandolin… mandolier? manodlinist?), so this could be quite the party! We don’t have a confirmed starting time just yet, but this’ll probably kick off around at 8 or 9pm.

Edit: Here’s the Facebook event page.

After that, the band will be taking a break, returning to the stage on January 25th, again at the Way Station. More information on that as soon as we have it!