While it’s my sincere hope this will change soon, the weekly public rehearsal is cancelled until further notice, due to an influx of paying work (non-band, sadly)–as well as three schedules that just aren’t matching up for more than one weekly rehearsal. Other music projects–news on that soon, as soon as there’s something to tell–are also getting in the way a little.

We may be slightly less broke, but we’re still hungry!

We’re still looking for other musicians, in particular, someone on standup bass or cello would be quite excellent.

On other fronts:

  • The stuff we’ve been rehearsing with Dave is sounding quite excellent, and we’re looking forward to playing live as a trio.
  • We will soon be releasing, if not a full album, some live tracks from Brooklyn. (Have posted some rough tracks on the Facebook page, go and listen!)

Stay tuned, loyal listeners!