Baroque in hungry will be playing at The Way Station on Thursday September 8. As Matt put it, it’s an excellent Steampunk/SciFi-themed bar in Brooklyn, NY.

Venue: The Way Station
Address: 683 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Google maps link)
Date: 8 Sep 2011
Time: 9:00 p.m.

Please come and support us to feed the hungry mouths of our poor starving children. Who are orphan chimney sweeps. (Trust us, that makes logical sense. Of a sort.)

There’s an event page for this on Facebook; please pass it along if you can’t come yourself. Help us spread the word!

The Way Station is just three short hurricane-Irene-cleaned blocks from the nearest subway station.

Those of you in NYC–and maybe those of you not there–please come and show your support by helping us pack the place!