2013 album update


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New album update: We’re pretty much done with the recording. A few backing vocals and we’re ready to start mixing. Album title (and tracklist) will be posted soon.

Neil’s written about his experience listening to the album tracks:

The evening was hot, even stifling. The three of us had been recording our first studio album for the past half-year, but those months of mandolin and microphones, and vocals and cables had come to a close. We were done recording, and it was time to see what we had accomplished. Roger Noguerol, our drummer from Barcelona, has produced albums in the past, so he was the natural choice to take charge as producer. And on this May evening, our producer invited us to his living room to hear the album in full.

Click here to read the rest: Everything Old is New Again

Gigs, Twitter, Tee-shirts

Has it really been three months since I updated this thing? Okay, this is gonna be a quickly-written post.

We’re playing at the Steampunk World’s Fair this weekend. Check the Facebook event for showtimes, or you can go to the event’s website for a detailed performance schedule. Lots of fun music happening this year.

Baroque and Hungry is on Twitter, you should all follow us at @baroquehungry.

We have tee-shirts for sale. We’ll have ‘em at the event this weekend, will see about getting a mail-order internet thing up soon. CDs, buttons, patches, and messenger bags are all still available.


Album news: We’re hoping for a late summer release. Almost at the end of recording, mixing will be next. More to follow soon, including the album title. (Suggestions are welcome for that.)

Wicked Faire


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We’re playing at Wicked Faire this year! Come join us for some Celtic mayhem and merriment. Also for music.

FYI, Wicked is at two hotels again this year. Here’s our schedule:

More about the faire, including location and ticket info, can be found at: wickedfaire.com. Facebook event here.

The war on Christmas music


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Stolen from Matt’s Facebook wall:

Are you sick of hearing Christmas music already? Do you need to move on from songs about the holidays to topics that are more relevant to daily life, like drinking, lost love, drinking, war and drinking? Do you want to help some poor starving-artist types buy nice Christmas presents for their kids? Do you want me to shut up already? Then why not get yourself a download of some Baroque & Hungry or Matt DeBlass albums?

Cheaper than a giant Mocha at the mall and tastier than a regifted fruitcake!

Click on the albums and send us money, so we can buy Christmas presents and booze: